Your Session Experience

Location: Normally my location of choice is to shoot in downtown Culver City outdoors, where I have experience with the backdrops and also lighting conditions in the area. I can also shoot on location at your business, home, etc.


Outdoor Shooting - All shots are normally done outdoors to achieve the beautiful natural lighting. This means that certain factors such as wind, cold/hot temperatures, pedestrians, noises, etc., can occur. Please be prepared for such conditions when you arrive for the session. In the case that weather conditions disrupt shooting, a reschedule will be considered.

Session Time/Parking - Sessions on average, last around 60-90 minutes. This all depends on factors such as lighting, wardrobe, and location. Generally, there are street parking or garage parking depending on the location we are shooting. There are 2 parking structures in Downtown Culver City; Watseka and Cardiff. They are generally free for the 1st hour, and $1 every 30 minutes after.

Wardrobe- Generally, I recommend outfits that are free of logos, extreme patterns, designs, etc. Please also bring layers, such as a leather jacket, blazer, stylish coats, etc. I recommend taking the time to understand what kind of character you want to portray to casting, and bringing the wardrobe that best suits you. I also recommend bringing extra outfits in the case your original choices do not work well on camera.


Due to the style of on-location shooting, there will be nearby businesses where you can use the restroom to change outfits. 

Make Up/Hair - Please arrive make up and hair ready if you did not book an artist through us or independently on your own. 


Preferably, make up should be simple to just even out your skin tone and reduce shine. The goal is to have the photos look like "you", and excessive make up can sometimes hinder the results. However, you are more than welcome to do your makeup however to your liking. If you have your own make up artist that you would like to book during the session you are more than welcome to. 

Have fun - Photo sessions should be fun, and never stressful. Once we are on site, expect to have fun and relax so that the quality of work will reflect on both the photographer and client.

What to Expect After The Shoot?

Turnaround Time - Expect a quick turnaround time. Normally, I can have all the pictures uploaded for your review and download within 1-2 days. You will receive a link through email. You will then get to make your selection on which headshots you want touched up by providing me with the image file name(s).

Finalized Touched Up Headshots - You can also expect a quick turnaround time for finalized headshots. I will review your selection and determine the best ways to enhance your photo. You should have your headshots finalized within 2-3 days, and you will be emailed the high quality version of those files.

You are then good to go!